6 Best Backlink Checker Tool 2020 (Free & Online)

Have you ever wondered how these professional websites get Traffic on their webpages? The answer is very simple: They build backlinks from other websites to get traffic and to boost their search ranking

Now another question pops up in our mind: How to find those backlinks?

If you are facing the same problem and need help with that, this article is just for you?

Today, I am going to tell you about the best backlinks checker for competitor analysis to use in 2020 to increase SEO Score.

What is the backlink checker?

A backlink checker can help you to know about all your existing backlinks, your prospects backlinks, and the backlinks your competitors have. It is very important to understand the strategy your competitor is using to build backlinks. With the help of the best online backlink checker, you can easily spy on competitors backlinks and it can help you build your backlink strategy around it

In SEO the more backlinks you got pointing to your website the higher you rank on Google. In 2020 also, the ranking of your website depends on how many quality backlinks you have got.

So more or less you have to build backlinks if you want to rank your website on google to get good traffic. 

Now here is the catch, not all backlinks are equally good, Backlinks from spammy or unsecured sites can affect your ranking badly. Whereas backlinks from some of the best and quality websites can boost your SEO score.

A best website Backlink checker can help remove spammy & low score backlinks from your websites.

Here are my top recommendations for Best Backlinks checker tools in 2020

1) SEMrush

Overall Best SEO Tool for Digital Marketers

SEMRush Best Backlinks checker tool for professional and beginners

SEMrush is my top recommendation for the best backlinks checker and best keywords research tool. It keeps updating daily with its new features and it provides you complete analysis of your backlink status.

Also I must mention SEMRush is the  best Seo tool for beginners to advance you will ever need in your career.

Also you can add Competitors  to closely monitor their backlinks strategy, keywords for their website rank and much more

To use its backlink analyser feature you can click on backlink option under domain analysis, enter the url for which you want to check the backlinks and click check it

Once your dashboard is generated you can add competitors to get a complete competitor analysis.  keyword rank checker tool let you check the keywords your competitors ranks but not you, so that you can create posts targeting those keywords.

You can see high authority sites which are linked to your competitors and bring most traffic to them, so that you can build backlinks from them as well.


SEMrush is a paid tool, which can costs you $99/month, but you can have 14 days free trial with this link

If you want to use its features first for free, You can also sign up for a free SEMRush trial, It offers you 10 requests per day with limited results option.

2) Ahrefs

Backlinks checker tool for Beginners

AHREFs - a Best backlinks checker tool for beginner

Another one of the best SEO tools to grow your search traffic. It is also well known as one of the best backlink checker among the bloggers as you can see up to 100 backlinks of any domain for free

Amazing right?

Even if you are a beginner it gives you learning material to closely understand the tool and its advanced features. So no need to worry about anything.

Ahrefs also provides a detailed analysis of Site performance, Rank tracker, content analysis for your website. Also, it helps you find out reasons to improve your site ranking.

It helps you to find broken links for your website, Follow/No Follow links and also backlinks which you have lost. The main reason for a lost backlink is, the post which was linking to you has been deleted. 

You can also find all the internal links on your website and can ensure their quality. keyword position checker let you know the position of all of your keywords on google.

3) Linkminer by Mangloos

Free Best Backlink checker tool

Linkminer tool is used for checking backlinks for your website

If you want to get backlink analysis for your website on a limited budget then Linkeminer is just for you.

Easy to use with a very user friendly interface. Helps you to find all links for your website and in addition to that you can get new and lost backlink details as well.

Further all the links can be filtered as active/deleted and follow/unfollows.

You can mark competitors’ backlinks as favorite and make a list of them. With this amazing feature targeting baklings can be done easily.

LinkMiner comes with a free trial of 10 days which you can avail by just confirming your email

Address. Once you are satisfied with the toll, Premium trials start from $29 dollars per month.

4) Ubersuggest

Best Budget-Friendly Backlink Checker tool for Beginners

Ubersuggest a best free backlinks checker for  beginners

Ubersuggest is one of the best SEO tools to use if you are running tight on budget. It provides very accurate and fast results compared to other SEO tools.

It gives you a brief idea about competitor backlinks and keywords. Also gives to estimate traffic results obtained by your competitors for a particular keyword,

New and Lost backlinks can be easily found with Follow/No Follow results and gives you detail about the current Follow/No Follow links for your website.

With its Advanced Link Filtering option you can easily find out the best link building opportunities for you. You can filter by Region, anchor text , domain score, page score etc

It is a free tool but it has some limitations on daily limit results generation. So you can buy its paid plan for 899 INR/month.

5) Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link explorer to check backlinks for free

Moz link explorer can give you a detailed analysis of your domain like Top pages of your domain, Top linking domain to your website. It can help you to predict the ranking potential based on links. Its chrome extension is the best domain authority checker available for free.

Discovered lost and new linking domains with MOZ and filter them with Follow/Nofollow tag. Later you can get them replaced with the new one

You can also add competitors url to get the competitors analysis to know what needs to be done to rank above them.

It has a special feature called, Link Intersect, which gives you a list of sites which are linking to you competitors but not you, So you can target those sites for backlinks. moz domain authority

Let you find the domain authority of any website.

For starting you can try its free version by signup here and can know about your backlinks and competitors analysis.

Once you are satisfied with the tool performance, you can always go for its paid version to explore its premium features.

6) Open Link Profiler

open link profiler is a backlink checker

This is a free Backlinks checker tool which lets you check up to 1000 backlinks for any website for free. Just create a Free account on SEO profiler and you can easily download these links.

Other than that it shows you Uniques Links for your website, total number of Trusted links , Anchor texts used for website.

Infected links or links with high risks can be determined with one click. With LIS (Link Influence Score) you can get the details of how many quality backlinks pointing to your website. LIS can be increase with creating more number of quality backlinks.

Loads of links filtering options available like, page title, destination url, trusted links, and date of link created and many more.

Though it is a free Seo tool yet of offer lots of premium features to use.


All of these backlink checkers I have recommended could help you build your site backlinks and come with a free version to use. So I suggest you check them all. Once satisfied you can upgrade it to use full features

But my top recommendation is SEMrush and Ahrefs. These are the best SEO tools in the market right now.

But if you are a beginner and want to get the best results at a lower price, then you should go with Linkminer or Ubersuggest

I hope this article will help you to choose the best backlink checker tool on every budget. Let me know your pick in the comment box Also don’t forget to check Open link profiler as it is completely free.

Good Luck!!

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