7 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners 202 ( Free & Paid)

According to the latest survey, people like to watch video content rather than read it on some blog or on a news article, As it makes it easier to understand the topic or visualize the process.

Also since the Jio has been launched in India, video content demand in India increased drastically. Every day a person uploads a video on youtube, Facebook, Instagram to promote their brands and to reach their audience.

Same as for business these days promotions video ads have more ROI compared to plain banner adsMany of the Marketers accepts that Video Creation is part of their marketing strategy. 

The biggest video sharing platform, Youtube expects quality videos from its content creators. Whether you want to create an Online Course or want to start a youtube channel to follow your passion you need excellent video editing software.

What is the Best Video Editing Software?

Finding the best video editor software is totally depends on you. People have different needs, different budgets, and even different operating systems. Some people work on Windows, some people love MAC and some Professional people love their desktop for Video editing.

Also when people start their journey, they look for the best free video editing software available in the market.

When I started Video Editing 6 years ago, IT was for my mom’s Youtube channel

So I had no idea where to start? Where to find a best video editing software for youtube?

So after reading many blogs and watching tons of videos on youtube I landed on a high-end professional video editing software, which helped me to understand the basic concepts behind video editing.

And trust me Editing a video is like driving a car, if you know the basics you can drive any model with ease. So once I learned the basics it was more of a fun activity, learning all of this software.

Every Software has different functions and has its own Pros and Cons. It totally depends on your needs and your output results.

I am going to suggest to you some of the best video editors for beginners and professionals along with their Pros and Cons. Finally, I am going to draft a conclusion, and based on that you can easily find out the best video editor for yourself.

So Lets Get Started..

Adobe Premiere PRO

Overall Best video editing software for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editor for pc, used by every Professional in Bollywood, Hollywood, and for the TV industry as well. With this Software, you can take your video editing skills to the next level.

The main reason behind its popularity is that, You can edit any video from 8K to VR vIdeo with this Software also it is very much compatible with the other apps and services, including Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Audition and Adobe Stock.

Its user-friendly and responsive interface lets you work more productively and more efficiently. VR Editing is very popular these days, Adobe Premiere Pro can help you with any complex video editing

You can also edit videos through your mobile phone or tablet with Premiere Rush and can directly share your videos to social media.

The best part I personally like about the premiere pro is that you get regular new updates and features as it always keeps getting better. 

Also with its auto framing feature, it is now easy to post videos on different social media platforms. With the Professional-quality color grading and color correction available in Lumetri Color Workspace it’s now become very handy to adjust color, contrast, and light on your videos.

With its Cloud Creative feature, you can have all the 20 + apps including Motion graphics, adobe stock in one place. It is more than everything to make a video stunning and wonderful and it is one of the most popular video editors among YouTubers.

Conclusion: If you are looking for the best video editing software for professionals, then Adobe Premiere Pro is a clear win. With Its Smooth and hassle-free editing feature, everyone finds it very easy to use and operate. Also, It can save your time with multiple video format support so you don’t need to undergo a long conversion process.


A good choice of video editing software for beginners.

If you are a beginner in the world of Video Editing or Just started a Youtube Channel then I would recommend you go for Filmora, because of its simple user interface and drag-drop video editor for youtube.

You can have hundreds of ready to use templates in build with this software and with minimal effort you can have a wonderful video.

You can edit video in many formats with up to 4k support. Also with the Power Tool and Mosaic tool you can blur any part of the video. Once the video is done you can use their Audio mixer and Audio Tune to get the best track for your timeline.

Filmora also has some rich features like Video Stabilization, Advanced Text editing, 3D Lut, Chroma Key backgrounds, which can be very useful for professional video editing.

This is an excellent video editing software at an affordable price with a free version also available for download. If you want to start a youtube channel then you must go for Filmora as it is the best video editing software for YouTubers. The free version comes with a watermark when you export any video in a free version. So if you are Looking for the best free video editing software for Windows to start with I recommended you go with the Filmora trial version.

Final Cut Pro X

Classic Video Editing Software for Mac Users

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro X is the Best Video editing tool. With its new improved features, it allows you to edit your projects and work with larger frame sizes and more cool effects at a very smooth level. Easy to learn and the most friendly video editing software for beginners.

It also has a modern metal engine that can accelerate your graphics tasks like Rendering, real-time effects, and exporting.

If you have the new MAC PRO, then you can take advantage of the GPUs in Mac Pro for the ultimate editing experience.

It has all standard video editing software options like Multicam, Advances Color Grading, Chroma Key, 360-degree video Editing with graphics and Effects, and VR headset playback.

Video Noise reduction can help you to remove or reduce unwanted video noise. Also, you can work with third-party applications directly and can choose from thousands of cool effects and motion graphics.

Motion and Compressor effects can help you create  stunning effects  and sweeping graphics effects

So if you want to edit your videos like a PRO on your Mac then Final Cut Pro X is your buddy.

Powerdirector 365

Best video editing software for social-media videos

If you are a Vlogger, Instagrammer or YouTuber then Powerdirector 365 is the best choice with you. With its advanced features and tools, you can give a new life and creativeness to your videos. You can add custom objects and fully customizable texts from the preinstalled library.

For Instagram and youtube videos you can use drag and drop text within your project with the ready to use motion graphics elements.

Also, you can easily customize your videos for different social media platforms with just one click. Some of its advanced features include Chroma key editing, Creative Transition Effects, Advanced Motion Tracking. Title Reveal mask.

The reason I recommended using Powerdirector, because of its Action Camera Centre. If you are a drone or action camera user then trust me guys this feature is just for you. It gives you complete freedom to simply edit and create a stunning video experience in minutes and one of the best video editor for PC & Laptops.

Advanced features like Slow Motion and Fast Motion effects, Freeze Frame and Zoom Frame, Stabilization, Color correction, reverse, repeat & replay option are the best features under the action camera center.

Magic Pro X

Professional Video Editor with all Premium Features

Yet Another Professional video Editor for the uninterrupted 4k ultra hd video editing. It’s easy to use interface ,intuitive tools and workflows, makes this video editing software perfect for everyone.

With its new video engine no matter how complex your film project, it is in 4k or 8k, it is multiplayer or single layer you can edit your projects in no time.

You can also have functions like Flexible track handling on a multiple format timeline, 3 & 4-point editing, Multicam editing. Audio can be easily optimized with a real-time audio mixer and audio cleaning tool.

Magix Video PRO X comes with some of the professional features like Advanced grading curves, proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite is included with the package which allows you to stabilize or distort footage. Also, you can handle projects up to 8kUltra HD resolutions, HDR Color Space and Latest film studio film effects

To start with you can have its free trial and later on if you are satisfied its all features you can purchase it.

With its recently launched Infusion Engine 2 one can experience very smooth playback for even multi-track projects with up to K resolution. Graphics Cards with leading Manufacturers Nvidia & Amd are also supported now.

Overall it is one of the top video editing software, if you want to edit your multi-layer and complex projects in a professional way, You can definitely go with MAGIX Video PRO X

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

Most User Friendly and Easy to Use Video Editing Software

It is a beginner-friendly Video editing tool and low-cost video editor tool from adobe. Easy to Learn Video Editing Softwares for beginners with already installed hundreds of slide shows and creative collage.

It also provides you tons of tutorials for learning video editing like a pro. So even if you don’t know anything about video editing, with ist 3 editing modes ie quick mode, Guided mode and expert mode you can edit videos like a professional.

Quick mode is very useful for creating quick videos in very little time. It consists of basic options like combining your photos and creating a video. Another feature in quick mode is trim and split your videos.

Now, in the guided mode, it helps you to know more about the software and you can learn about each tool and its editing function. The guided mode takes you through all the steps one by one about how to make a stunning video. Don’t worry if you do something wrong it’ll also help you to correct it.

As the name suggests, Expert mode is special for experienced users and lets you edit your video with full customization. You can fix video color, adjust the brightness according to needs, and much more customizable features. Another best video editing software to make youtube videos in 2020.

Pinnacle Studio

Powerful video editing software for experienced filmmakers

Pinnacle Studio is well known for its fastest Rendering speed among the best professional movie editor Softwares. Its Creative and Intuitive timeline gives you precise control over how to convert your story into a video.

You can edit 4k Projects with its effortless drag and drop media feature with ease. Also, you can take advantage of Pinnacle Studio’s Intuitive editing tools, Color Corrections tools, and can work on dual monitors as well. Personalize your video speed and visualize your thoughts with Pinnacle Studio.

Some of its best features include Color grading tool, Masking, Multicam editing, and chroma key. Use Enhanced Keyframe Control to precisely your transition and effects.

Have you ever wondered how people make explainer videos with shooting themself and their screen together?

Yes, You guessed it write. They use Pinnacle Studios in build feature to make these videos.

Pinnacle studios consider as the best video editing software for tutorials or explainer videos. You can simultaneously record your screen and webcam with the pinnacle studio.

So with many more features like 360 Video editing, Splits screen feature, hundreds of pre-designed templates, and text,  Pinnacle Studio is a complete package for professional video editing software.

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