8 Best Webinar Software Platforms for Every Business (Complete Guide)

Hosting virtual conferences and webinars is the best way to interact with your audience, especially if you are an online creator, an online coach, or have a huge team in your office.

You can Host an intellectual webinar session with your audience to increase your ROIs. Also hosting webinars are one of the best ways to earn money online and It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere around the work and follow your passion.

If you can make an impact on your audience during that 1- 2-hour webinar session, Your chances of converting them as your loyal customer’s increases. Also, These days more and more people are preferring taking online classes and attending webinars so that they can stay at home during the pandemic.

Hosting a webinar event is easy, but for that, you should have a great webinar software platform that should have some of the great features to provide a wonderful experience to your audience.

What are the Features of a Best Webinar Software?

The first and most important thing the best webinar software should work with a low internet connection. With browser-based webinar software, there is no need to download any application to attend the session.

The best video conferencing software should be able to records the webinars automatically so that you can share a high-quality video with your audience as a gesture

Some of the popular webinar software offers a two-way interaction option with the audiences.

Along with this, it should have a user-friendly interface for both attendees and presenter side

Some of the best webinar platforms come with features like automated inbuilt email marketing software, automated reminders, surveys, and Polls, etc. which can help you to engage with your audience on a regular basis.

I have mentioned most of the factors which can help your Audience to get a better webinar experience and can directly affect your experiences with the audiences.

So based on these factors lets out a best webinar tool options for you.

1) WebinarJam

Overall Best Online Webinar Hosting Platform

Home page image of webinar jam

WebinarJam is the best webinar software platform available in the market right now, which lets you host webinars for up to 5000 people with 6 Presenters at a time. With its automated internal page builder, You can maximize your attendee’s registration.

Even if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about hosting live webinars, It comes with the training videos lectures to help you with everything.

Host automated webinar sequences with evergreen pre-recorded content with its advanced webinar setup.

Key Features of WebinarJam

  • You can build a customized and mobile-friendly landing page to get all the registration from attendees.
  • Automated Email Marketing system, send webinar reminders to attendees via text and email both and build more effective webinars
  • No need to download any software or application to attend the session. Attendees can directly join the webinar session with any browser.
  • One of the best features is it helps you to convert your audience into your customers by showing a live offer popup during the webinar.
  • Upload a prerecorded video on your webinar and you will be able to run it on autopilot mode without any hassle.
  • Have a website? You will be able to embed the webinar registration button on your website to increase registration
  • Also, you can use this software to host small team meetings with up to 6 members and no attendees.
  • You can preschedule any webinar series and create an email campaign for your attendees so that they can get a notification for every upcoming webinar automatically.
  • It automatically records every webinar session and you can share it with your audiences with just one click
  • Live chat with your Audience
  • Polls, Survey & virtual whiteboards
  • Files Sharing during the webinar
  • Paid Webinar for your Audience

These are all the features that you need to host an excellent webinar for your audience.

Webinarjam Pricing: 

Image shows Webinar Jam Pricing Plan

Basic Plan:  $499/year You can host unlimited webinars with an attendees size of 500 and can have a maximum of 2 presenters.

Pro Plan:  $699/ year. In the PRO plan, the Attendees limit is 2000 with a presenters limit of 4. Also, you have your fixed live room and Panic button (link) for Attendees

Business Plan: $999/year ($83.25/month). This plan is for businesses that rely heavily on webinars for their online marketing. It features up to 6 speakers and a webinar audience of up to 5,000.

Also, it gives you a no question asked money-back guarantee option in case you don’t like this software

Overall WebinarJam is the best software for webinars with cloud-based webinar events and recordings. You can start with taking its free trial for 14-day at just 1$ and try out its all the premium feature

2) Demio

Best webinar software for Marketing

This is the Demio Webinar Software Platform

Demio is one of the best webinar platform tools for marketers. It comes with all the advanced features like Automatic webinar recording, 24/7 Live Chat support, Automated email marketing system, Great design and Pre Recorded webinar presentations. 

You can host unlimited webinar sessions for up to 500 attendees and 4 hosts at a time. No need to download any app or software to attend the webinar. Demio is one of the webinar platforms for nonprofits, which provides discounts offers for nonprofit organizations

Some of the Key Features which make it a best Video Conferencing tool for everyone

  • Real-time live video streaming with no delay and HD Recording
  • You can use pre-recorded webinar session and present it in front of your live audience
  • Your Audience can attend the webinar with just one click with any browser
  • Create an amazing registration experience for your audience with ts preinstalled landing pages and thank-you pages.
  • Send Email Notification to attendees before and after the event.
  • Launch offers, surveys, polls and sign up page for your next event during the webinars
  • Integrate your webinar with any other marketing tool.
  • Analyze and track your webinar success with its analytics tools
  • Easily share a recording of the webinar with your audience and also you can set a time for which it will be available 
  • Detailed guide and videos to help you understand the software so that you don’t need to face any problem

Demio Pricing:

This is the Demio Webinar Software Platform Pricing Plan

Demio comes with a 14 day free trial of its Growth Plan feature. You can sign up for that and try and test all the feature and then go for a paid one

Starter Plan: It comes with the 34$ per month with 50 attendees room size and has 3 hour Session limit with 1 host

Growth Plan: Most popular plan with 150 Attendees and 69/month and has a 5-hour session limit and 1 host.

Business Plan: It has all the features from Growth Plan and attendees’ limits are 500 and you can have 4 presenters now. This plan can cost you 163$ per months

3) Big Marker

Best Interactive Software for Summits and Virtual Conferences

Big Marker is a Webinar Platform for large Virtual Conferences

BigMarker is one of the popular webinar software platforms for Summits and Virtual Conferences. 

You can host webinars for up to 10,000 attendees at a time. Interact with your audience with Polls, Q&A, and attractive offers pop-ups directly in the live webinars. This can increase your chances to convert them as your customers

Connect your CRM software with BIGMarker and capture all the leads in to CRM directly.Alos build a custom video experiences for a online events

Collect all the leads for the webinar with customised landing pages and forms and send them confirmation and useful reminder with email marketing

Biomarker runs in a cloud through your browser, so attendees can directly join with the browser, No download required.

Key Features of Big Marker

  • No tool required for Steaming on Facebook and Youtube. Even you can share your screen as well.
  • It gives you everything you need to promote, create, and deliver a perfect video series or course to your audiences
  • Run webinars on autopilot and even you can preschedule webinars for specific intervals.
  • Integration with the platform of your daily use
  • Automate email marketing with dozens of email templates
  • Embed live webinar on your website without any coding
  • Sell tickets for your paid webinars
  • Connect your personal domain with landing pages and webinars to provide a personal touch to the attendees
  • Screen Sharing and HD video recording


This images shows the pricing plan of BigMarker Software

BigMarker provides a Free 7 days trial for its customers. Its Paid plans consist of 4 packages which are Starter, Elite, Premier, and White label.

Starter Plan costs, 79$ per month with 100 the attendees and 1 host license

Elite Plan comes with 500 Attendees and 2 host licence for the price of 159$ per month. 

Premier Plan has a limit of 1000 attende and can have 4 hosts at a time for a price of $299 per month

For the more attendees size of up to 10,000, You have to contact support in order to get a customized plan.

If you are looking for a webinar platform to run live events, workshops, Video conference for larger audiences up to 10,000 then BigMarker is the best option for you. For the start, you can get its trial version to explore all its feature.

4) Webinar Ninja

Best webinar software for Education & Training

Webinar Ninja is the best webinar platform for education

WebinarNinja is one of the best webinar tools to host live events. You can create a webinar in just seconds, no need to go through long steps and processes. You can easily host a live webinar and interact with your live audiences. Just use a pre-designed landing page or a signup page and connect it with your webinar and you are good to go.

Now host any webinar in hybrid mode with just one click. In hybrid mode, a pre-recorded session is upload in the webinar session with a live host present to solve all the queries. It is a well-known software among online creators fir its Excellent Automation Features.

Some of the Advanced Features Include:

  • Host webinar with all prerecorded video sessions on autopilot. No limit on hosting automated webinars
  • Custom Registration Page and thank you page
  • You can host a series of webinars with just one click
  • Share your screen instantly
  • Dedicated Q& A Session
  • Quick Chat with all chat data save option
  • Create Multiple offers during the option
  • Insert a video during the webinar anytime
  • Automatic Email confirmations and reminders to all the attendees
  • Integration with more than 1000+ apps
  • No need to download any application, support all the browsers

Webinar ninja Pricing:

Pricing plan for Webinar Ninja Software

WebinarNinza comes with 14 days of free trial to test all the features. Also, it has paid plans with all premium features.

Starter Plan: 39$/mo. with 100 attendees size and Automated Webinar feature

PRO Plan: 79$/mo. With 300 attendees size and started plan features. Added features include Webinar Series option and Facebook Ads tracking.

Plus Plan: 129$/mo. and up to 500 attendees plus all PRO Plan features. This plan added feature includes Hybrid Webinars.

Power Plan: This Plan is for 199$/mo. And you can have 1000 attendees. This plan includes all plus plan features

5) Easy Webinars: 

Most powerful automated webinar platform

Easy Webinar is the best automated webinar platform

The EasyWebinar is one of the best platforms to host live and automated webinars for online creators. The best thing about this webinar tool is that it tracks everything from your landing page registration, emails sent to registrants and attendees for the webinar. It can help you to get an idea where you need improvements

High Definition live streaming engine with no latency. Very user-friendly interface and easy to use, especially for those who want to go live with just one click.

Yes That is it, Nothing more

Its Easy cast feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Right on time Registrations Features, use this feature to improve your engagement with your customers.

Let me explain to you how this works. When any customer comes to your page, they will see a promotion for the next webinar going live in 15 minutes. You can upload a pre-recorded webinar for this session.

Key Features of EasyWebinar

  • Integration with all popular email marketing software
  • Multi Presenter support
  • Amazing Audio Quality and true voice audio technology
  • Stream webinar on local time with automated webinars
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Automated Emails to attendees before and after the event
  • Pop up offer, Surveys & Polls to create an engaging webinar
  • Directly Integrate registration form to your own website
  • Free Webinar Mastery Course

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan of Easy Webinar Software

Standard Plan: 59$ per month for up to 100 attendees

PRO Plan: 90$ per month  for 500 attendees 

Enterprise Plan: 349$ per month with 2000 attendees size

These all plan are with annual billing as if you subscribed for annual plan, you will get 3 months free.

Also for the start you can go for 14 days free trial of Easy Webinar

6) Get Response

Best for Product Demos and Live Training

GetResponse Webinar Software is best for training

Get Response is a Complete Email Marketing platform with all the automated features. It also has an Inbuilt Webinar Platform and can let you host webinars for up to 500 attendees. 

You can maintain an email list and send webinar reminders and newsletters to attendees with just one click. Their 24*7 live chat support is always there to help you and help you understand every feature of the software.

Key Features: 

The best feature about this is you can create an automated webinar funnel with a landing page for registration and then send customized emails to your audiences.

  • You can add your own domain to the landing pages
  • Fully Customised Signup forms to get the registration and send them autoresponders.
  • Directly integrate Facebook ads with the software to bring traffic on your landing pages
  • Analyze the webinar’s data on the dashboard.
  • Host webinar for up to 1000 attendees and 3 presenters at a time.
  • Record sessions with one click and share it with your audiences
  • Build different lists for the different webinar and create a fully automated email series to keep your audience engaging
  • Affordable Option for Webinars platforms
  • Live chat option and Q & A mode in the session
  • Also, you can turn the webinar into a discussion mode for 25 people. Everyone able to listen and speak at the same time
  • Live chat option and Q & A mode in the session
  • Also, you can turn the webinar into a discussion mode for 25 people. Everyone is able to listen and speak at the same time.

Pricing Plan

This Image shows the pricing plan for GetResponse Software

You can get a 30 days free trial of Getresponse with and can test and understand the software. In the free trial, up to 10 attendees can attend the webinar with 3 presenters.

The price is so reasonable with these advanced features and you can customised price according to your requirements

Plus Plan start with just 49$ and up to 100 attendees, You can choose a list size according to your need

Professional plan is for 99$/month and 300 attendees and Paid webinar feature.

If you want the best Webinar Software with an automated email marketing system and sales funnels then GetResponse is the best option for you

7) Click Meeting

Best Webinar Software for online teachers

ClickMeeting Webinar Software for Online teachers

ClickMeeting is one of the best video conferencing tools for online educators. Teachers, trainers to provide online training to your students with just one click.

No technical knowledge required Very user-friendly interface with hundreds of 3rd part integrations available in the dashboard. 

Organize Huge events, Product and Marketing demos for your clients, Online meetings and business collaboration with Clickmeeting

Automated webinars are the newly launched feature and can help you run your webinars on autopilot.

Key Features

  • Paid and Automated webinar with custom branding
  • Separate Registration Page
  • Directly Stream on facebook and youtube
  • Whiteboards and Screensharing
  • Switch between attendees and discussion mode during the live webinar( In discussion mode everybody can listen and speak)
  • Moderate & Private Chats
  • You can record live sessions and share easily
  • Multiple presenter options and even you bring any attendee on the presenter panel during the live webinar.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan for Clickmeeting Software

ClickMeeting offers a Free Trial for 30 Days 

Live Plan can costs you 45$/month for 50 attendees.

Automated Plan is for 55$/month for 50 attendees. 

All these plans are on a monthly basis and you can save 20% with a yearly subscription. Also, you can customize all plans according to your attendee’s size and features requirements, One of the best affordable webinar software available for online teachers and small businesses.

8) Go To Webinar

Best for Large Organizations and Enterprises

GoToWebinar Software for Large Organizations

Excellent webinar tool to host webinars for huge Audiences. With GoToWebinar no need to worry about any registration or branding for the event. just choose the date for the event and rest leave on Go to Webinar services.

You can completely focus on creating an engaging experience with your audience to provide them more values.

It is designed in a way to improve your webinar experience and most importantly save time. You can just directly use settings from past events while creating a new one.

User Friendly interface with easily adjustable webinar settings and flexible scheduling. Inbuild registration page with fully customizable registration forms and automated email reminders.

Also one of the best feature GoToWebinar also provide Flexile and Audio options so that your attendees can attend the webinar from anywhere.

Key Features: 

  • Engagement dashboard to keep an eye on your audience
  • Slide-in Polls & Surveys
  • Webinar Recording & one-click share
  • Play Pre Recorded Video for live sessions
  • Promote your page with GoTostage platform
  • Integration with CRM to manage all things in one place
  • Event Analytics and source Tracking to improve your signups
  • Integration with GoToMeeting
  • No downloading of any software required
  • Display your custom logo on the webinar
  • Create Certificates for Attendees
  • Inbuild video editor to edit your videos before sharing

If you are looking for the best webinar hosting software for your CRM to track your webinars in one place, this is the clear win option for you.

Pricing Plans:

GoTowebinar Pricing Plan

Starter Plan is for 89$ per month and 100 attendees limit

Their most popular PRO plan will cost you 199$ and have a huge attendees size of 500 and their Plus plan comes at 429$ per month for 1000 attendees limit.

You can always start with a 7 days free trial to check out all the features and no credit card required for the free trial

Final Words on Best Webinar Software Platform

I hope this article will help you to choose the best video webinar software for you. These all are the most popular webinar platforms available in the market to fulfill everyone’s needs.

With these options anyone can host a great webinar session with their attendees without any hassle. I have personally checked over 20 software and find these best 8 webinar software for you. I hope you like it.

My first choice is with WebinarJam which is an overall best platform to host webinars. You can start with a 14 days trial for 1$ and try out its premium features.

Another great option is Demio, which is the Best webinar software for Marketers.

Let me know in the comment section, which webinar software option is best for you.

Sharing is Caring!! Happy Learning

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