7 Quick Ways How to Make Money on Youtube without Adsense?

If you are wondering How to Earn Money on YouTube without AdSense?

You have come to the right place. I am going to share 7 ways to monetize your Youtube channel without AdSense.

Youtube is the second largest search engine and the most visited platform after Google. Thousands of content creators made a full-time income with Youtube and became famous. 

Yes, you can make money with youtube through ads everybody knows that. You can monetize your videos with Adsense and when someone watches ads on your videos, You simply get a commission from youtube.

This image shows the famous youtubers

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In the year 2019 youtube has generated a revenue of 15.1 billion, which is 36% more than last year. Some of the Famous Youtube made millions of dollars per year with youtube AdSense.

The harsh truth is most of them doesn’t even able to make a thousand a dollar a year. 

That’s sad right.

First, you need to understand there are only some niche which gets millions of views on youtube

  • Entertainment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel
  • Technology

What if your niche is not one of them and doesn’t have enough amount of views to make a decent income from your channel.’

I know your content is great and valuable, But still end up getting only a thousand views from youtube. Most of then even not able to comply with youtube monetizing policy.

Yes, According to the Youtube partner program to start monetizing youtube videos you need to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel.

Don’t worry its not your problem, Not all niche gets the same amount of views on YouTube.

But do you know there are plenty of other ways through which you can make money from youtube, and trust me most of the people are not even aware of these methods?

So stick to the end of this article and I am going to share my best 7 Ways on How to Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense.

So let’s get started.

How to Earn Money on YouTube without AdSense?

1) Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

You must have seen people sharing reviews about the product on Youtube


People create a tutorial of a product about how to use it and how it can be helpful for you.

Have you wondered why they do it? Even they are not getting enough views on it to get money through ads.

They do affiliate marketing and when someone buys that product from that link, they simply get a commission from the company. The best part is it never costs extra when someone buys from that link.

This image shows affiliate links in the youtube video description

Starting Affiliate Marketing with YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online

Youtube is one of the social media platforms that allow you to share direct affiliate links in your video description. 

Most of the Affiliate program doesn’t charge you to become an affiliate and pays a good affiliate commission to even new members.

For those who don’t know what is affiliate marketing let me help you understand it first.

This image shows how affiliate marketing works

In Affiliate marketing, you promote 3rd party products through links or coupon code on your website or youtube channel. When People come to your channel and buy that product from your affiliate links and you get an amount of commission from the company.

So this is the basic fundamental of affiliate marketing. The product commissions can vary from company to company and product-wise. The best example of affiliate marketing is Amazon, one of the biggest affiliate network in the world.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube?

1) Find Product Related to Your Niche: The first step is to find a product that suits your audience. You can go to google and search your niche keywords + best affiliate programs. Once you get a list of products to promote. Sign up for their affiliate programs and get an affiliate link.

Pro Tip: Never choose products that are not related to your niche. For example, you are into a health niche and you are promoting an SEO tool,  Then how your audience supposed to buy that fro you.

2) Create a Video in your Niche: Once you get the affiliate products, Now its time to create a video that is perfectly fit for your affiliate products. Most of the youtube made this mistake they try to promote a product that does not have a connection with the video. Your main goal is not to generate sales only, Out main goal is to help people and provide value to them. When they find that product valuable they but that product.

3) Never Sound Saleszy: Yes you have to promote a product but without selling it. Show people how this product can add value to their life. How to can get benefits from this and grow their business.

2) Sponsorship on Youtube: Product & Video Sponsored Promotion:

Another easiest way to make money on Youtube with great earning potential. Let me explain to you how this sponsorship video works on youtube. Most of the Youtuber make more money than AdSense with Sponsorship videos. 

Basically, for sponsor videos, companies pay you when you make a video about their product and share your reviews with your audience. This is best for those who have good engagement but fewer views on their channel.

Youtube Sponsored can be of two types:

1) Product Dedicated Sponsor Video: Companies send you a free product to use it and make a creative video about it. Mobile unboxing is the best example of a product sponsored dedicated to video. But in this case, free mobile can be the cost to make the video instead of getting other benefits.

This image shows a youtube sponsored videos

2) Video Sponsored: You create a video for your youtube channel but in the middle of your video, people tell their audience about the sponsored product and share theior opinion about it. This is where most of the people make money without Adsense.

The real truth about this method is, If you have a decent amount of audience then only companies will approach you. But if you have a small audience but your engagement is good then you can approach companies with a killer proposal and get the deal.

There are companies in the marketing who pays you per video views depending upon the rate you have decided. It can vary between $0.01 to $0.08, So for a video with 30,000 views, you can get somewhere around $300 to 2400 dollar

3) Sell Your Merchandise & T shirts on Youtube: 

This image shows how to sell merchandise on youtube

Yes, you can make money by selling your merchandise on your channel. This is perfect for YouTubers who manufacture their own products like T-shirts, mugs, and other things.

Even if you don’t have your own products or merchandise, You can get it in bulk and start selling it on youtube. The best example of this is Selling T-shirts on youtube. Youtube has this feature which lets you sell your own merchandise directly to your fans. You just need to have 10,000 to enable this feature on youtube.

Let me tell you a true story of my neighbor who manages to earn $2500 per month by selling customized t-shirts with youtube.

Let’s suppose his name is X. ( As he doesn’t want to disclose his name). So what he did was, first he got a T-shirt printing machine from the market. Then he bought around 1000 different colors of plain T-shirts.

No X had a Tshirt and Printing machine, The only thing that was missing was designs. So he started creating a design based on the latest special media trends and start uploading videos daily with news designs and different color options. 

In the description X used to left his Whatsapp number for people who want to make a purchase. So to order a T-shirt, You simply need to take a screenshot of the t-shirt and sent it to X on Whatsapp number with the shipping address. 

How simple is that?

Within the span of 8 months, X was able to earn this amount of money with help of youtube. SO if he can do it why not you?

4) Sell Online Courses using Youtube

Are you an online coach or a Digital Creator then Youtube can be the next marketing platform to sell your online courses.

how to create an online course and sell it on youtube

Creating Online courses is very easy these days, with platforms like Teachable. It has all the tools which you need to create a great course. All you need to use the Youtube platform to market your online course.

But how to to sell online courses through YouTube?

Step 1) Create a Landing Page: The first step to create a landing page where you can take to your visitor. This age should have all the information about your product information like Course duration, type of course material, refund policy, duration, etc.

You can use the Teachable inbuilt landing page builder to create awesome landing pages.

Step 2) Create Content for your course: This is the step where you have record videos for your course, Map out the whole plan, and work accordingly. Include each and every single resource that can help your audience.

Step 3) Sell your Course: Now created the course, the next step is to promote it on youtube. Start creating content around your topic and encourage people to join your course. The best practice is to create videos full of knowledge and suggest them if you want to learn better they can join your course.

Protip: Collect Email of every visitor who comes to your landing page. Use convert kit pop up builder feature. As there is an 80% percent chance that people never buy at their first visit. If you have their mail you can easily retarget them. The best way to collect email is to offer them a freebie like a free ebook, templates, planners, Free Coupons, etc.

The best part is when you sign up on Teachable, they share a complete A to Z guide on how to create a course and sell it. Their support system is excellent and they help you in every possible manner to create an awesome course.

5) Crowd Funding with Youtube

Most of the people never heard about this term “Crowd Funding”. When  people are using ADS and Selling products on Youtube, Many people are using this way to generate revenue from Youtube

So what is Crowdfunding?

What is Crowdfunding with Youtube

Crowdfunding is a way of generating revenue for an upcoming project or a product with the help of your audience, fans, family & Friends. If you have a loyal fan base, encourage them to fund your channel for new videos and financial support.

Most of the YouTubers use this method to buy new equipment, cover their software costs, video production cost and support them financially.

There are many sites that are helpful to create the Crowd Funding campaign for Youtubers. Here are some most popular site to start a crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo
  3. Patreon
  4. Crowdfunder (Shopify App)
  5. GoFundMe
  6. Fundable
  7. Crowdcube
  8. Crowdfunder

You can sign up on one of them and start your first campaign.

6) Fan Support with Channel Membership:

When you share great content to youtube and people find that valuable to them. They can show their support by getting a paid subscription for your channel. 

Youtube has launched this feature in 2018 to help creators generate more income from this platform. Now anyone who buys your channel subscript excels your exclusive content. Also, they can have early access to your videos as extra benefits.

Eligibility Requirements for Channel Memberships

  • 30,000 Subscribers and 1000 for gaming channels
  • Members of the YouTube Partner Program

7) Sell Digital Products with Youtube:

Selling digital products is the easiest way to make money online these days. Digital Products is the best way to share your knowledge with this digital world. The best part about it is, One you have created the product you can sell it repeatedly to the customer without any hassle. Some examples of Digital Products are Ebooks, Downloadable music, Stock photos, and diet plans, etc..

So what are digital Products?

A digital product is online asses or media which can be in the form of download media like, Audio, Video, PDFs and Pictures, Templates, etc. These products can be sold over and over without holding any store or inventory.

What kind of digital products sell best?

  • Ebooks
  • Stock Photos’
  • ART Prints
  • Nutrition & Diets Plans
  • Graphic Designs
  • Audio files
  • Video FIles
  • Software (SAAS)

SO these are the most popular and top selling digital products of 2020

What are the Benefits of Selling Digital Products?

  • One Time cost involved in creating the products, No maintenance cost
  • Very High-Profit margin
  • Internet is the larget market
  • Never out of stock
  • Easy to manage, deliver and sell
  • Digital Products are the future
  • Freedom & Lifestyle

Bonus Method: How to Monetize Youtube Channel without Ads

Make Money on YouTube By Sending Traffic to Companies Websites

This method was a pure experiment but work for me. So it may work for you as well. I had a Youtube channel in SAAS ( Software as a Service) niche. This niche doesn’t have a high volume of traffic but the conversion ratio was very high compared to others. 

My channel was mainly focused on video tutorials based on user search queries regarding software. For example, if the user searches how to upload a contact list in GetResponse. They can find my video tutorial and check how to do it like a pro.

So I approached a company and asked them if I can create videos for their products. We agreed on a deal where I would make money when someone visits their website through our youtube channel.

Now my only goal was to send them traffic while keeping transparency with visitors and no spamming. SO they provide me with a UTM link to keep the tracking.

So within 2 months, I was able to send them 894 visitors, Which generated them $8540 in revenue and I received my commission. This method sounds like the same as affiliate marketing but its not.

In Affiliate marketing, you only get paid when the visitors sent by you get convert. But here I am getting paid even they convert or not. But Yes commission rates were less compared to affiliate commissions.

So this was new method which I discovered, So I thought to shared with you

Final Conclusion: Make Make Money On YouTube without Monetization

So with these methods, you can make money on YouTube without the monetization. I have shared the best possible ways through which you can use this platform to make a full-time income.

Grow your YouTube channel by sharing valuable content with your audience. The more you provide value to your audience the more you are going to make money on YouTube.

My recommendation is to create an online course with a platform like Teachable and drive valuable traffic to your marketing funnel.

You can drive traffic to your blog and sell affiliate products to your targeted audience. If you don’t know how to start a blog, You can check this guide to take your first step today.

FAQ: Make Money On YouTube

How Much Money You Can Make On Youtube?

There is no direct answer to this, There are people making millions of dollars yearly. To maximize your revenue you can use YouTube Ads, Affiliate Marketing, and sell products through your channel.

There is no definite answer on how much YouTube pays its creators for ad revenue. This can vary according to niche, demographics, and views on videos. It can be somewhere between $0.25 to $5 per 1000 views.

Is it hard to make money on youtube?

It can be hard when you just start as you need to complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours to activate monetization on your channel. With the right strategies and quality content, this hurdle can be crossed easily. Also, You can also start monetizing your channel with the methods I have shared with you in this article.

How much views you need to make money on youtube?

Again this answer can be different for every niche and channel as you need to complete 4000 watch hours to start monetization. If you make longer videos then this can be achieved with less number of views and visa versa.

Can you make money on youtube?

Yes there are several methods to make money with YouTube. The most popular of them is advertising with YouTube. The rest of the methods I have already shared in this article.

How many subscribers you need to make money with Youtube?

To make money with YouTube advertising you must have 1000 subscribers according to the YouTube partner program. There are several other ways to make money with youtube for which there is no such requirement for that.

How much Youtubers make on Youtube?

There are many YouTube-like Logan Paul and Dude perfect who makes millions of dollars per year. Here is a list of highest-earning YouTubers of 2019.
1. Ryan Kaji: $26 million.
2. Dude Perfect: $20 million.
3. Anastasia Radzinskaya: $18 million.
4. Rhett and Link: $17.5 million.
5. Jeffree Star: $17 million.
6. Preston: $14 million.
7. PewDiePie: $13 million.
8. Markiplier: $13 million.
8. DanTDM: $12 million.
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