How to Make Money on Pinterest even without a Blog

Want to learn how to make money on Pinterest with our without a blog?

Don’t worry you’re in the right place. In this article, I am going to share the legitimate ways to earn money using Pinterest even if you don’t have a blog.

Pinterest is a great social media platform with more than 335 million users last year. Users are very engaged, they are looking for content to read, and best of all- they are looking to make purchases..

You probably have seen people all over the internet making thousands of dollars per month online with Pinterest. I always thought the same, is it possible to make money on Pinterest?

But after seeing the results for my own, I was totally convinced with the thought of earning money online while travelling the world. And, I must tell you Pinterest played a vital role in generating some side income for myself every month, And I was only working for 1-2 hours daily

Before that, I always used Pinterest to save DIY ideas, Home decor pins, and cooking recipes. Never thought that it can be a source of income as well.

You might be doing the same as most people still don’t know how to use Pinterest to make some extra dollars every month.

But Don’t worry, Now you will know after reading this article.

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How much money can you make on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that has potential customers for every business. Pinterest is an extremely powerful tool that can drive traffic and generate revenue for bloggers and companies.

But If you ask me that, how much I can make with Pinterest every month?

There is no direct answer to this. It totally depends on the efforts you put into learning Pinterest and the methods you are using to make money through Pinterest.

To start earning from Pinterest you don’t need any experience at all, You just need hunger to learn how the Pinterest algorithm works. Trust me there is no rocket science in it.

Once you have learned about Pinterest, You can easily make $30, $50, and even $200 a day with Pinterest

How to Make Money On Pinterest?

So are you excited to learn how you can make money?

Let’s get started.

The Images shows how to make money on Instagram

There are two popular ways to make money on Pinterest. The First one is With a Blog (Which I personally use and highly recommended and can be started as low as $2.95/month

And, the second one is without a blog or website.

Both the methods have great earning potential, It totally depends on which method suits you better.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with a Blog?

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. It gives you the freedom to share your thoughts with people around the world and make money at the same time. Earlier people used to write blogs as a hobby but now it is more of becoming a business.

But Now, people are taking this as a serious career and making money with blogging. 

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy or a great writer to start a blog and make money from Pinterest.

As long as you know how to operate a laptop and use the internet that would be enough. Blogging is a long journey and you’ll learn everything with time, So no need to worry about that for now.

Follow these 7 steps to start a blog with WordPress today. (

  • Step 1: Choose your niche and get a domain
  • Step 2: Choose a Blogging Platform (
  • Step 3: Get the best Web Hosting for your blog ( I recommended BlueHost @ $2.95/month)
  • Step 4: Install WordPress & Choose a theme
  • Step 5: Write your First 5-10 Post
  • Step 6: Start Promoting it and get traffic.
  • Step 7: Start Making Money Blogging with Pinterest

For more details, you can check this Free step by step guide to start a blog for beginners.

Special Offers for my Readers

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Once you have installed WordPress and written some articles on your blog. Now it’s time you start promoting your blog. To grow traffic with the help of Pinterest, First, we need to set up your Pinterest Account.

Step by Step Process to Set Up Pinterest Account

  • Step 1: Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account, If you already have a personal account you can switch it to a Business Account.
  • Step 2: Verify your domain with Pinterest and Enable Rich Pins
  • Step 3: Create a fully optimized Pinterest Bio using niche related keywords
  • Step 4: Make Relevant Boards with targeted keyword in name and description.
  • Step 5: Join Pinterest Group Boards and Create New Boards as you start creating more topics
  • Step 6: Create eye-catching and clickable pins for your articles.

Pro Tip: I always check for the top pins in my niche and try to use those keywords and with well optimized and creative Pins.

I use Canva to design all pins with drag and drop builder. You can go with its free version as it is perfect for beginners and later you can upgrade it.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest and make money

Now the real part comes, How to generate revenue using this platform. For that, I just want to make sure that you have done all the work which we have discussed so far.

  • Written 5-12 uniques blog articles in your niche that solves a problem
  • Sign up for a Pinterest Business account and verified your domain
  • Enabled rich pins
  • Created 2-3 Eye-Catching Pins for each of your blog posts
  • Joined 10-12 board related to your niche
  • Made 5-10 personal board using your niche keywords
  • Optimized your Bio Profile, Board Bio using related keywords


Let’s Move Further and Drive Some Crazy Traffic on Your Blog in order to Monitize it. Here are some strategies that you can follow to grow traffic on your blog from Pinterest.

Thinks to Keep in Mind while promoting your blog on Pinterest

  • Whatever you pin on Pinterest, It should be related to your niche or related to your brand
  • Make sure your pin solves a problem. For example instead of SEO Plugin Hacks, Use 7 Best SEO hacks to grow search traffic.
  • Always make 5-6 different images for every article on your blog.
  • You can add your pins manually and schedule it for the board. I personally use Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling. It makes your work a lot easier when it comes to adding pins to your boards, plus tailwind tribes are great for getting new traffic.
  • Don’t forget to promote those pins which are working great. Also, I pin my best-performing pins over and over in different boards to get new traffic every time
  • Ensure the pin is visually appealing. 
  • A/B test your images for your top 10 plus any post that you think should have done better than it did.
  • Delete that pins every month which are underperforming.

So there are some points you need to keep in mind to grow traffic on Pinterest. Every niche has different methods, so you need to do A/B testing to know which works better for you.

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Once you start getting traffic on your blog with Pinterest, Its time to monetize that traffic to make money from it.

For that, The first method, I recommended is monetizing blog with ads.

There are two main Ads networks which I personally used in my niche blogs and highly recommended.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Adsense?

The first Ads network which I prefer especially for new bloggers is Google Adsense. Beginner friendly and getting approval is not a bigger task.

The best part is there is no requirement for minimum page views on your blog.

Find below the Adsense Approval process for new bloggers

  1. Make sure your website is compatible with Adsense.
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account.
  3. Login to your AdSense account.
  4. Add the AdSense code website.
  5. Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval

Once you have got the approval from Adsense you can place ads on your blog and start making money with it. 

However, I personally feel that Adsense pays very little if you have less number of page views. You can make $60 to $250 for a page views of 12000 to 50000 per month. But trust me it feels great to have that money when you are just a newbie.

Make Money on Pinterest: Display Ads with MEDIAVINE

Once you have crossed 50000 sessions on your blog in a single month. Then, I highly recommended you to shift to MEDIAVINE from Adsense. 

You will be able to see a sudden change in your Ads income, Medaviens paying rates are higher compared to Adsense.

Let suppose for a $1000 page view If you are making $5-7 with Google Adsense. With Medavines you will be able to make somewhere around $10 to $20.

Yes, there can be a big difference with both of these networks. The shift can take around 2-3 weeks to make the changes. SO these are two most popular networks through which you can show ads on your blog and make money

Make Money on Pinterest With Affiliate Links

Another way to make money with Pinterest traffic is through Affiliate Marketing. With the right affiliate marketing strategies, you can make a huge difference in your monthly incomes.

First, let me explain to you what is affiliate marketing?

This image shows what is an affiliate marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, when you recommend the product you love/personally use, to your audience so that they can get benefit from it.

And, when they purchase that product from your affiliate link, you simply get a commission from the company as a reward. The best part is, It does not cost any extra when they buy through your affiliate links.

In this section, I am going to discuss Pinterest Affiliate Marketing if you have a blog. Later we’ll move on how how Affiliate Marketing words if you don’t have a blog

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest with a Blog?

Affiliate marting is one of my favourite way of generating passive income through a blog. The more you add values to people’s life by solving problems, the more you can make money from it.

Once you have created 10-15 posts on your blog. You can sign up for Affiliate programs in your niche and start adding into your posts Like you can see in this post, there are affiliate links present which are helpful for you if you want to make money on Pinterest.

PRO TIP: Never recommended any product which is irrelevant to your niche. For example, If you are in the Fitness niche there is no sense of promoting website themes to your audience.

Some Most Popular Affiliate Networks in the Market

  • ClickBanks
  • Shareasale
  • Commission Junction
  • Warrior Plus

If you have a brand new blog, Then I recommended you, sign up on ClickBank or JvZoo. They are Beginners friendly and approvals from these two are easy, compare to other affiliate networks. Once You have signup on these platforms, the Next step is to choose a product that is relatable to your niche and can be helpful for your audience.

After selecting a product, generate affiliate link which will help you to track conversions for you sales. Now start adding this link on your blogs multiple times, but do not over load.

This is how you can make money using Pinterest and Affiliate Markting if you have a blog.

Let move on to the 2nd part of this article…..

How to Make Money on Pinterest without a Blog?

So far, I have shared my best strategies to monetize your blog using Pinterest traffic to make revenue from it. I highly recommended starting a blog as it gives you more flexibility and there are plenty of other ways to Monitize a blog as well.

You can start a blog at the lowest price of $2.95 with Bluehost today ( Plus you’ll get a free domain with my affiliate link).

But if you don’t want to start a blog that is totally fine.

Let me tell you how to generate side income with Pinterest without a blog. I personally used these three methods to earn money on Pinterest.

Start Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without a Blog:

Yes even if you don’t have a blog, Still you can use Pinterest to generate income with affiliate marketing. Just can simply add your affiliate links directly into your Pinterest Pins. And, when someone clicks on your link it will automatically take the Pinterest user to your affiliate offer.

I personally don’t recommend this method as Pinterest has a strict policy against direct affiliate links. Even It doesn’t allow you to add affiliate links from some of the affiliate networks like Amazon.

Also if you try to add affiliate links on Pinterest again and again, your account might get banned.

But, Don’t worry, I have found out an alternative method for this so that you can drive your user to your affiliate link without getting banner on Pinterest.

Using Landing Page for Your Affiliate Links

Yes, by using a landing Page between your affiliate link and Pinterest traffic can save your account getting banned on Pinterest. Let me show you how?

You can set up a landing page where some product images can be added with product pricing and description of the products. Affiliate links can also be added on this page with a strong call to action buttons and clickable links.

Here is a example of a landing page, promoting a Amazon affiliate product.

When any visitor visits this page and clicks on your affiliate link, It will be directly sent to that product purchasing page.

Yes I know, It might sound like starting a blog but its not trust me. It just take 5-10 minutes to set up a landing page with the landing page builder available in the the market. Even you don’t need to add any content. You can simply add product image and tell your users to visit link for more information.

Just simply choose a template from hundreds of pre-designed templates, Change the image and headlines and you are done.

How simple is that!!

I personally use Clickfunnels to build landing page for affiliate marketing. Comes with drag and drop page builder, beginners friendly and easy to learn.

Click on this link to get 14 days free trial of Clickfunnels

Another option for landing page builder is GetResponse if you’re on a low budget. The features of GetResponse are great and you can get a Free 30 days trial with this special link.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant: Get Paid for Pinning on Pinterest

What If I tell you that you can make money by pinning on Pinterest.

Yes, you read it right,

You can make money by becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA).

As I told you before, Pinterest doesn’t pay you directly money for adding pins on the platform.

As a Pinterest VA You can start helping clients and business to grow their business with the help of Pinterest. The best part is you can choose you own working hours and work from your own happy place.

What is a Pinterest virtual assistant?

This image shows a pinterest virtual assistant working from home

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone who manages Pinterest Accounts for bloggers, business or entrepreneurs and help them to grow their presence on Pinterest. 

Not all bloggers and brands have enough time and expertise to add pins on Pinterest. They need someone like you,  who can manage their Pinterest account for them and drive traffic to their website and sell products. The best part is mastering Pinterest Marketing is very easy these day and companies offer a very good price for Pinterest VA service

How much you can make as a Pinterest VA?

Pinterest is not just a social media platform, It is one of the powerful search engines. Every business has a customer base on Pinterest and they use this platform to sell their product and services.

On an average a Pinterest virtual assistant makes $25-50 dollar per hour, depending upon the expertise level and number of clients.

How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Even if your are new to this field you can take Pinterest VA Course and learn how to become an Pinterest virtual assistant today. I highly recommended this Pinterest VA Course.

This course is designed in a way to help you launch your Pinterest VA business from scratch without any prior knowledge.

>>Check Free Workshop on How to Become Pinterest VA<<

Sell You Products & Services with Pinterest

Another method that will help you to make money on Pinterest is by selling your digital products and services. There is a huge demand of digital product in the marketing and you can use Pinterest free traffic to sell your products.

Both physical products and Digital Products can be sold with Pinterest. I prefer digital products over physical products as they are easy to create and can be sold over and over again

What are the Best Digital Products that are high in demand right now.

  • eBooks
  • Software & Application
  • Videos
  • Audio & Music
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Courses
  • Coupons & Tickets

How to start selling your Digital Product on Pinterest?

To sell any product you need to build a system where you can send your traffic, capture leads, provide values, and finally sell your products.

Either you can start a blog with Bluehost and start selling your products from a landing page directly.


Build a landing page with Clickfunnels, which is offering a 14 days free trial for a limited time. Add products, your services and a price. Connect with any one of the payment method and start selling.

The best part I like about Clickfunnels is that you can build a separate landing page for each product, there is no limit on creating landing pages. Just choose a template from hundreds of pre-designed templates and use drag and drop builder to create a design of your choice.

PRO TIP: When you drive traffic to your blog or landing page don’t forget to collect email pf your visitor. There is always a chance that visitors may not buy from you at the first visit and your efforts can in vain. So it is advisable to collect their email address by offering them freebies like Free Ebook, cheat sheet, or different offers.

Once you got their email, Now you can target them in the future for different products and services, It is called Email Marketing. I personally use Convertkit for Email Marketing on my blogs and Clickfunnels. You can easily create different forms for your blogs and put them in to your posts to grow your subscribers

In Clickfunnels you can directly create an Sign up form on landing page itself and integrate it Convertkit to send emails to your subscribers.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money on Pinterest

Hey there, I am glad you came till the end of this blog post.

I have shared all possible ways to make money using Pinterest, which are genuine and work like a charm. All you need to focus on driving genuine traffic to your blog or landing pages.

Pinterest doesn’t take time to grow traffic on your blog. According to latest update from Pinterest, they are preferring fresh content oven the old content. SO my Advise is to create fresh content and keeps on updating the older one.

Now its up to you, which is the best suitable method for you and your niche.

If you are thinking to start a blog, You can start with Bluehost @2.95 a month and you’ll get a free domain with my affiliate link. You can check my step by step guide on how to start a blog from scratch in 30 minutes.

And, If are interested in building landing pages and make money online, Then you can sign up for a 14 days free trial of Clickfunnels with this special link.

Which even method you choose, the most important part is to collect email address and build your email list from the day one. Get a Free Convert Kit Trial with this link

If you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comment box 🙂

Sharing is Caring!! Happy Learning

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